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Quality Carbs

Think about what you eat. Is your food working hard for you? Comfort Flour was crafted with resistant starches and a high fiber content per serving. Diets that include these supports healthy weightloss, balanced blood sugar, low glycemic impact and a satisfying full feeling. Fiber and resistant starches serve as an anit-nutrient naturally reducing the absorption of carbohydrates by your body's digestive system; which in turn reduces blood glucose and insulin levels. 

Low Inflamation

Free from corn, soy, potato, wheat, grain, nuts and the other usual suspects of intestinal bloating and gastric distress; Comfort Flour is the first flour designed to feel as good as it tastes! 

Benefit from balance

Comfort Flour's list of built in benefits is long. Every single ingredient has been shown to offer a host of health benefits naturally; including promoting healthy blood pressure levels, lowering bad cholesterol, blood sugar regulation, boosted energy levels and repairing intestinal health.

With ingredients that function as adaptogens(promote balance of mind and homeostasis of body processes) and prebiotics(balance gut bacteria function) it is a power house of superfoods that deliver more than just a tasty snack. 


Works just like regular flour; without the bellyache!

– Sarah

Tried chocolate chip cookies baked with Comfort Flour. They were delicious and my blood sugar didn't spike!

– Mike

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